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 Van Wolf Add-on

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This Add-on adds the possibility of transforming into a werewolf, you can choose to download 2 different types of versions, which are:

WereWolf_normal version - Final beta

WereWolf_experimentalversion Final Beta 

You can also download the following skins to have a base for creating your custom skins (only for the experimental version):


how does this plugin work?

First you must know that to transform into a werewolf you have to take damage from another werewolf but when this is transformed.

Wild Werewolf:

They are found in the forests and only in the daytime, at night they will transform into a werewolf, which will increase their power, resistance and give them regeneration.

Transformation into werewolf:

After taking damage from a werewolf, your transformation will begin;  first it will give you weakness and after 5 minutes you will transform into a werewolf but it will have to be at night;  with this it will give you powers such as regeneration, strength, resistance and speed.

Custom transformation and differences between versions

*the experimental and normal version cannot be active at the same time, making this clear we will explain the differences of each one: 

ThY normal version does not have customization of the werewolf transformation through your skin, He only owns the werewolf brown skin. 

The experimental version has the customization of the werewolf through the skin, but unfortunately it makes the custom skins and layers not work, that's why it is experimental.

First I will leave some examples of the customization of the skins, through the skins that you can download in the link above.

Zack skin:

Wismichu skin:

For the creation of the customization of the werewolf, you should know that the werewolf uses the color of eyes and it is very important to place them in the normal way based on Steve's skin, you should also know that the werewolf grabs him  hair from your head to create its fur, that is why you have to avoid using hairy skins on the other hand it will be without fur like the previous example of the wismichu skin.

The new update brings bug fixes, changes to the effects of the werewolf mode and Steve's skin has been changed to the main appearance in the experimental version.


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  2. Esta genial el addon es de los mejores que e visto por no decir que el mejor pero le falta una sola cosa en mi opinión que es la plata con ese material se podrían defender los otros jugadores ya que la plata le haría más daño a los hombres lobos

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  4. Buenas noches le quería preguntar si se podría editar el complemento para juntarlo con el de jugadores luminosos poniendo los derechos de el creador ya que en si la skin de lobo no es compatible con la luminosa?


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